Browsing- and Rip-protectors by GroMM

Simple. Economical. Sustainable. -
The all-new single protectors by the GroMM GmbH
for forestry- and cultivated plants

Our woods are fighting climate change and the consequences. Big
areas struck by calamity need to be reforested.

Fewer trees will become adult and ready to harvest.
To get the best start in tree-life, the protection of the seedlings
against browsing and ripping by deer is evident.

Up to today this has been a time-intensive and expensive job:
Multi-sided single protection constructions are often used. (Acacia-
wood poles, sprout-covers, wire-surrounds, ...)
Fences for bigger areas, which give better protection, but often
also create problems with deer-management, checks and further

Re-building the protectors and recycling the materials.
We have developed our patented GroMM single protectors to:

- Protect the cultivated plants effective by the whole growing
period against browsing and ripping

- Give the cultured plants the best conditions without a micro-
climate or ingrowing onto the protector itself.

- Make the work of the forest worker much easier: simple,
ergonomical output – no further tools needed.

- Raise and remove in a matter of seconds.

- Show an ecological alternative with immediate re-use.

- Minimise the care work - because the weeds can be removed

- Especialy valuable single plants can be reliably protected one
by one. Especially mixed tree sorts during the growing period.

Effective protection

The distance between the thorns of our GroMM single protectors
has been chosen to prevent deer from browsing and they can’t
bite off the new terminal buds. Front-aligned bars scare off the
Nevertheless, the thorns are wide enough apart that air and
light can get freely to the plants. For this please check our KWF
test dated March 2021.


Installing the protector on the tree is extremly simple: stick it in
the ground next to the tree.
Weeds can simply be removed with a cutter or knife. There is
enough space for that work above the ground.
Wasps, which often become a problem in the late summer, find no
Mice, which like to nest in growing covers don’t find shelter and so
bite damage on the roots of the seedlings will be prevented.
To remove the GroMM Browsing- and Rip-protectors they can be
pulled back and up.
The thorns open smoothly and don’t hurt the cultured plant.

Hunting purposes...

Given that the GroMM Browsing- and Rip-protectors are a reliable
protection they are an alternative to fences. Especially when
you are working with natural accompanying vegetation and
growth to complement the especially valuable single plants.
This accompanying vegetation stays as food and natural cover for
deer and wild boars.
As these areas are no longer fenced in, they are available for use
by hunters.

...and of course, ecology!

The GroMM Browsing- and Rip-protectors are, given correct use
and care, usable over many protection cycles. Due to the open
construction, no parts can grow into the plants. And so, no plastic
or metal parts are left in the woods.
After multiple use, the GroMM VS1200S can be deposited in the
recycling system and so it stays part of the raw materials cycle.

The economical view

The best innovation doesn’t work if it is not profitable.
Because our GroMMs make forestry work so much easier and
faster, after even the first use the higher acquisition cost is
equalled out against the cost of other common protectors. Every
further use cycle brings enormous cost reduction per tree.
We can especially highlight our new GroMM VS1200C in this
matter. We have followed the customers’ wish for a lower
acquisition price and have developed a great product, which is
sustainable as well as economical.
And finally the best: you can protect many trees yearly with less
staff and much better, care for them in the following years.