1. They will be stolen?!

Of course, theft for private use cannot be excluded.
But the numbers should not be the same as for the common
single protectors. With our GroMMs fewer trees should be
protected, but these much more effectively. That means for
instance approx. 150-200 GroMMs per hectare. For the VS1200S,
this involves a theft of 600-800 kg/ha. The risk is not worth it,
considering the price of scrap-iron, the logistic needed and the
illegal transport without documents.

2. Very good, but also very expensive?!

That’s only right if you don’t calculate the reuse.
The GroMM VS1200S is made of approx. 3,5 kg of quality steel
and high-class galvanising. That’s why it is useable for a minimum
of 3 protection cycles, with good care for many more.
That means you must divide the higher acquisition cost by 3. The
single protection cycle costs 11,50€ per piece.
For a firm offer please use our contact form.
And there are also the following advantages:
- No recycling costs
- Extreme speeding up of the work process
- Reducing the transport costs between the applications
- Optimising the work (no bending down, no hammering)
- And a substantial reduction of damage to growth
So, our GroMMs are the economically and ecologically worthwhile
single protectors, viable for the future.

3. Can't you hurt yourself with them?!

If you follow our operating instructions and safety instructions,
injuries are almost impossible.
The opposite is the case. GroMMs are installed without any tools, so
injuries by impact are excluded. Neither direct injuries from the
hammer, if a blow ''misses'', nor indirect injuries by strong
vibrations when driving in rods of any kind come into question.
Wasp stings, which are always a problem during inspection and
maintenance work, are also becoming rarer because nests are
simply not built in the GroMM.

4. How to transport the GroMMs?!

The delivery takes place in three-part stacking pallets 2,2m x
1,2m x 2,5m (W x D x H) of 144 pieces each for the VS1200S and
72 pieces for the VS1700S.
These can be loaded onto any flatbed or trailer with appropriate
dimensions using an industrial truck. Of course, the GroMMs can
also be transported further without the stacking pallets. We
recommend using cardboard or (organic!) foil between the
individual layers so that the individual layers do not get caught
up. No more than 3 layers should be stacked without a suitable
intermediate floor otherwise the lower layers could get
deformed due to their own weight.

5. Will the plants be damaged during removal?

When developing our GroMMs, we proceeded with the utmost
care. Of course, the force used on the plant when removing the
GroMM was also taken into account.
All tests have so far shown no damage to the plant. No bark
injuries were found even during removal in spring.
If necessary, branches that could interfere with dismantling should
be professionally removed beforehand.